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1. | Jun 30, 2018
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2. | Feb 16, 2018
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3. | Jan 22, 2018
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Through challenges like this, and initiatives like the Government’s YourLife campaign, we can illustrate the exciting careers open to those studying STEM subjects.”
4. | Jan 9, 2018
5. | May 9, 2014
My blog response from yadretsey’s Courier Article: “Poll: Corzine’s rating up to a C(Nothing against you Bob, I just thought this report was really misleading)This story is so disingenuous. First off, a poll of only 800 people is not a reliable poll. There are over 5 million voters in New Jersey. 800 represents .016% of the people. That is NOT a reliable poll. Second, whom are they calling? I know of no person in the thousands I have now or ever spoken to whom has taken a single telephone poll regarding anything in this state. Also, those polled who are party affiliated will always skew their answers towards the very party they represent. This poll clearly shows that. While 57% of the D’s approve, only 33% or the R’s approve. So again, whom are they polling? Polls NEED to be non-partisan if we are to have a reliable bases for determining this Governor’s performance. In either case a C or C- is still below average. We cannot allow numbers in the 40% range to be acceptable when it comes to our politicians. That is a failing grade no matter how you cut it. To refresh the Courier Post about grades: 0-59% is and F 60-69% is a D 70-79% is a C 80-89% is a B 90-100% is an A But in the realm of polling, they expect the people of this state to believe that a 47% approval is great or at least a “C.” Let’s face it this Governor is a failure. His spokesman stated, “Gov. Corzine's priority has been and will continue to be running an efficient, accountable and open government that the people of this state can be proud of.” Really? Open Government? Show us the Carla Katz e-mail Governor. Why hide them in the guise of Executive Privilege then? Efficient? Really? Where are the state workforce reductions? Where is the pay-to-play bans? Where is the constitutional; convention on tax reform? Why did you allow the dual office ban to go into affect AFTER the election to protect those dual office holders? Why haven’t you addressed illegal immigration? And SO much more! Accountable? Really? Did you hold yourself accountable for your failed AG Zulima Farber when she broke the law? Do you hold yourself accountable for inserting another AG Stewart Rabner as Chief Justice who has little judicial experience and is a political hack at best? Did you hold yourself accountable for the $6 million you gave Carla Katz and not think that was a gross conflict of interest in union negotiations? Did you hold yourself accountable for the tens of millions in Christmas tree grants passed in this budget? Did you hold yourself accountable for the increase of the state budget to a whopping $33 billion? And did you hold yourself accountable for the BILLIONS in debt the states pension fund currently has? And when you sell our roads, place additional surcharges on traffic violations like Virginia (averaging $1000 when you get stopped and are given a speeding ticket), continue to tax the people, give away money to your political cronies like it’s water, and show the clear political patronage you have when it comes to hiring top officials in this state, you show the people of this great state that you DON’T care, you ARE failing, and have no interest in helping the people of this great state resolve its woes. Your spokesman should be fired for even commenting that you committed to open, accountable, and efficient government. We see through his lies, and certainly see through yours. Stand proud Governor. But remember, other than your staff and political allies, in this state of 8 million people, you stand -alone. Michael Latigona R.N.
6. | Dec 31, 2013
That's a weougthlu-ht-olt answer to a challenging question
7. | Dec 30, 2013
The GP 500 captures close citoapning from a tv signal, something I did not know when I first responded to this question so, I suggested Dragon naturally speaking' Because it will process dictated notes, and Dragon is miles better than it used to be.However to get the Closed Captioning that accompanies a program into a text file from a tivo recording, first we have to be sure Tivo recordings support the extra channels that carry the closed capture text. If they do look into programs that edit video, like Final cut for mac, or Avermedia's ezcapture, which is probably a whole lot less expensive (but probably not as much fun).